My 2013 Foodie Bucket List

There are certain recipes bakers and home cooks avoid like the plague. To me, it’s the same feeling I get when the teacher calls on you in class to come up and solve the problem on the board. Even if you know the basics, the 1+2=3, there’s this overwhelming performance anxiety that makes you feel totally incapable.

In the kitchen, this is completely true — especially for me. I rarely shy away from recipes because they’re difficult. Instead, I’m impatient, cheap, and nervous I’ll commit so much time, money, and energy into a total flop.

But, this rarely is the case. Sure, I tend to rush through the first round to the point where the final product is a little “meh,” but homemade “meh” is usually amazing when it comes to the store bought product.

I’m taking a leaf out of the books of many other bloggers out there to share my very own 2013 Bucket List! Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration below, and will join me on my mini food journey! :)

Bagels  (didn’t write up yet; will make a batch soon!)
Pavlova (this one in particular)
Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Starter Recipe


Sourdough Maintenance

Sourdough Baking

Pho (specifically Pho Ga)

Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe No Machine Needed
Sauerbraten (this has been on my list for years!)
Homemade Seadas (sweet dessert ravioli from Sardinia)
Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries
Cream Puffs
Bone Broth (I now make this all the time. Will blog about it soon!)
Baked Alaska
Brown Butter…anything
Short Ribs
Honeycomb candy
Dumplings of any kind
Cake Pops
French Bread
Homemade extracts
Turkish Delight (like this)

What are YOU itching to make this year? Tell me in the comments below!