Tough question, right? We all hope that the answer is “yes,” but think about it for real. What do you want in life? Where and how do you want to be?

Let me share a bit of my personal dreams with you.

I can’t stop dreaming of a nice acre-and-a-half somewhere near or along the Blue Ridge Mountains. There would either be an old house I could fix up, or preferably, empty land I could build my own house (or yurt!) on.


This land would be flat enough for the large garden I want, but sheltered by the surrounding geology. Heck, if I get to be really wishful, I’d also like a creek.

Logistically, this list could go on much further, but those details aren’t that important at the moment.

All that matters is that I have this dream. It can stay that way, as just a dream, or it can become my life.

  • What will it take to make it happen?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice or compromise in pursuit of this lifestyle?
  • Am I strong enough to ditch the unnecessary, undesirable junk and work extra hard to get the things I really want?

Well, I need money. I’d need to take jobs and work to make money to work towards a greater end.

This money will go towards:

  • paying down my excessive student loan debt,
  • helping me build up a savings, and
  • pay for property and a home.

All of those details, the job, the money, the land, the house, they aren’t what keeps me wondering if I can do this.

What makes me nervous is that, at this point in life, it’s just me.

I’m a single, 25-year-old woman. I’m not a wife or a mother. I do have a cat, but he’s the opposite of handy. Well, that’s not true. Henry can mow down pots of cat grass like a champ!

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The big question: Am I strong enough to do this by myself?

There’s absolutely no way I can say that I will have paired off in any way by the time I’m able to pursue these dreams more intensely.

The picture I consistently return to is one of me, alone at night, in the woods, in a simple house, with only hope and a cat to defend myself. We could get into guns and gun control here, but I’d prefer not to. This is really the only situation in which I find myself wanting a powerful, mechanical weapon in case of who knows what: mass murders, creepy mountain people, bears, mountain lions, angry chickens, devils and demons and ghosts, etc.


“Don’t worry! I’ll scare away anything bad. Just check out MY FANGS!!” – Henry

Could I really muster up the guts to do it alone?

What’s the alternative? If I decide not to pursue my own goals because there’s no partner in my life, am I really living my life? How could I walk away, say no, just because I’m single? Doesn’t that seem really, really foolish?

I would prefer to find a partner and have children, but there’s no 100% security in that future. The only future modern homestead inhabitant I can confirm for sure is myself.

Yes, I will do everything within my power to make this little life happen. I will send out good thoughts and do all of the things I should. But, I will accept, leap with faith, that whatever happens, is what should happen. I’m not just going to get hitched or start a relationship because my homestead dreams require a family, but I hope that’s something I find in time.

Plus, I’m 100% confident that as long as I am true to myself, the rest will follow. That’s plenty enough for me.

What are YOU letting fear inhibit in your life?

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  • Barbara Thorbjornsson

    I am living my dream and as for being strong enough to do so, well that, to me, is a minute by minute choice. I am grateful every second of everyday that I am living my dream. For the first time in my life, I am happy and my life has purpose. My life is not easy but it is simple. I bake bread, I can food, I am preparing to raise 3 or 4 hens, I have 4 dogs, 2.38 acres, wild life abounds, and I burn wood.
    Go for your dream! Run towards it! God will give you what you lack.

    • The Aliso Kitchen

      Awesome, Barbara! I love this. Everyone wants something in different in life. For you and me, it seems like simpler is better. I’m SO glad that you’re able to live the life you want! Thanks for the inspiring words of encouragement. :)

  • Tammy

    You can do it. Just take it one step at a time. I used to be this little toothpick of a nothing chick in my early twenties and I did it – you can too. Besides, who says it will always be just you anyways? Another thing – who says it has to be a family or even a traditional family? If you’re not ready to take the full plunge go slowly until you begin to feel confident with it. Baby step it, you’ll get there. It’s a beautiful dream and one worth going for.

    • The Aliso Kitchen

      Aw, thanks Tammy! I feel the same way. There’s no sure-fire way of predicting the future. I’m doing everything I can to fulfill this dream of mine, and I have great hopes. There’s always a way to find other people to join in. I’m glad you’ve seen success for your dreams. :)