Welcome, everyone, to the very first Adventurous Palate Program reveal! The February ingredient of choice was mustard, so that’s what I worked with.

First, I started with this mustard recipe from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. I only had brown mustard seeds, so I wanted to go through the process-it-yourself method of making mustard.

I also had this idea that coriander seeds would be a great addition to the astringency of mustard seeds. This turned out to be true, but really, I was NOT a huge fan of this mustard! Mustard Recipe

I’m really disappointed about it, and since I wouldn’t make the recipe again, I won’t transcribe it here with all of my modifications. But, I did reduce the ground mustard to about 2 tbs (I was low on the stuff…) and added 1 tbs of freshly ground (well, smashed) coriander into the mix. Oh, and I used water instead of wine or vinegar.

My mortar and pestle didn’t make it to Virginia with me, so this was my grinding process:

Mustard Recipe

Yes, that’s a 3 lb weight and a bag full of mustard seeds.

The thing about this mustard is that it is oh-my-high-heavens sharp. THIS is astringent. I think I would massage it onto my face and enjoy it more.

It would be way more delicious if I’d added enough ground mustard and wine, but alas, I did not.

But, it would be absolutely delicious if mixed in with honey for a vinaigrette, so that’s the approach I took when it came to using this handmade product.

For dinner, I seared a pork chop, and made a sauce with a teaspoon of this mustard, a tablespoon of clementine syrup (tastes like honey), flour, salt, butter, and bone broth. I heated, reduced, and poured atop the tasty pork. I served it alongside soaked winter wheat berries served with coleslaw and fermented beets. YUM!

Mustard Recipe

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