For our very second ever Adventurous Palate Program pick, we’re going with the salt of the earth: BEETS!

Now, like mustard, beets are the sorts of things that some people just hate. If I eat beets (or pickles) around my Mom, I get a wrinkled nose and a “how can you even stand to eat those?? It wasn’t from me!”

But, I love beets. A few years ago, the mother of a friend baked some canned beets in the oven until they shriveled up and became ridiculously sweet. I couldn’t believe that this simple food I’d eschewed so long was now calling my name.

Since then, I’ve gone beet crazy. Wait, I drop the beets? Maybe I bust up some beets. Sorry – I needed to take a little interlude there.


There are currently zero beet recipes on this blog. That seriously should change! Beets are great for you, and are really simple to prepare. Plus, you get to have bloody-looking hands when you peel them. Fun!


Find a way to incorporate beets of absolutely any variety in your cooking by March 31. Then, post a picture on Facebook and/or your blog. If blogging, please include the icon below and link it to the APP homepage.

Need a little inspiration? Here are 10 recipes to get your juices going!

  1. Roasted Beets with Balsamic Glaze
  2. Grated Raw Beet Salad
  3. Chocolate Beet Cake with Beet Cream Cheese Frosting
  4. Homemade Beet Ravioli
  5. Beet Hummus
  6. Roasted Beet Bruschetta
  7. Red Beet Ice Cream
  8. Beet Bread
  9. Beet and Goat Cheese Arugula Salad
  10. Lacto-Fermented Beets

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Adventurous Palate Program

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What if I finish before the 31st? Post whenever, just be sure to add #APP or “Adventurous Palate” in the title.

Who can participate? Anyone! The Adventurous Palate Program is open to absolutely all people.

Do I need to have been part of the voting process to participate? Not at all! Just use the product for this month (beets). If you would like to be part of the voting process for next month, please register in the box below.

Sign up for the Adventurous Palate Program here:

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  • Cindy@NorthofWiarton

    Rachel thank you for dropping by North of Wiarton. Beets you say? I put in at least 4 rows of them in our veggie garden every year. Eat Beets you say? at every meal fresh from the garden boiled and served up with salt, pepper & butter. More Beets you say? I have jars of Sweet Pickled Beets our Son devours when he visits. We do LOVE our Beets. Beet Greens? yummy yum yum

    • Rachael Cleveland

      Love it! I’m glad there are fellow beet lovers out there. Sounds like you all get your fair share of ‘em! :)