8 healthy drinks to guarantee weight loss

Let’s face it: we all want a miracle cure for some of the nastier ravages of time. Tummy flab is something we want to avoid at all costs. But is there an easy way to lose weight? Maybe, in the form of our list of 8 drinks to help you lose weight faster than ever.

1. Water

It sounds crazy, right? That the most commonly available drink in the world – the very basis of life itself – could be the hidden solution that we’re looking for. Well, reports show that by drinking a glass of tasty H20 just before having a meal, and regularly throughout the day, we can convince our nagging bodies that we’re actually more full than we are. And when you feel full, you eat less. That means fewer sweets and other sugary goodies piling onto your body.

2. Iced Tea

Be careful with this one. The slimming qualities come from homemade iced tea, not shop-bought iced tea that is often packed full of sugar. A herbal brew is the best option here – when iced cold, not only will the concoction quench your thirst in a low-calorie manner, but also speed up your fat-burning metabolism.

3. Fruit Smoothies

Your best bet is a fruit smoothie that is mostly water – like the humble Watermelon. It’s easy to keep the watermelon smoothie under 70 calories and to take advantage of the wide variety of nutrients and antioxidants contained in the glass. Fruits do normally contain lots of naturally occurring sugars, so be careful not to only drink fruit smoothies, but this can be a perfect dessert drink for dieters!

4. Green Tea

There’s a reason why you drink Green Tea in Chinese and Thai restaurants, and not English Breakfast: the lightweight drink is packed full of natural goodness to help digest foods. Try it throughout the day, or iced!

5. Lemon water

If you’ve ever heard the old story about drinking lemon water when you’re ill, rest easy in the knowledge that this is very sound advice. Why? Lemon water is well documented to both clean out toxins in your body and encourage better bowel movements. A couple of glasses of zesty lemon water, therefore, can see your body flush out fats and nastiness efficiently every day.

6. Black coffee

It’s a well known fact that caffeine stops you from feeling hungry. Although you shouldn’t overdo it, a few cups of black coffee in moderation can again trick your body into thinking that you’re full. Instead of reaching for a mid afternoon snack, why not reach for a cuppa to stave off the hunger pangs?

7. Vegetable juices

Just looking at and smelling a glass of blended beets can convince you that it’s good for you. Natural human intuition is right: vegetable juices are brilliant for losing weight. They constantly supply fibre to your body, which again is what is needed to have firm and healthy stools. If you use organic vegetables, you can be assured that no chemical impurities will be entering your body either. Bonus!

 8. Skimmed (Fat Free) milk

This is quite an easy one to incorporate into a diet, because it’s just a straight swap! Milk is full of calcium, which helps to break down fat, but the full fat milks are, well, full of fat themselves. So switch up your normal milk for a skimmed variety, and get the best of both worlds!

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