Do you know how to cook healthy like the Venus Factor Program?

Do you know how to cook healthy like the Venus Factor Program?

Cooking healthy with the Venus Factor method might be the best decision that you will ever make when it comes to making changes in your lifestyle. If you think about it, your health is generally affected by three things; the environment that you are exposed to, the physical activity that you do, and the food that you eat. Studies have shown that when it comes to losing weight and avoiding fatal diseases, cooking healthy plays a very important factor. The Venus Factor has created a perfect program for you to do this in almost the optimal manner.

What you need to know about cooking healthy with the Venus Factor program

This article will help you in this journey so that you will be able to find out how easy it actually is to get into this habit and to never look back and eat fast food again. Below you will find several things that you can change or add to your diet this very same day.

Not all fats are created equal

Some dishes needs to be fried, as you will learn when following the Venus Factor Program. Of course as much as possible try to avoid the deep fryer as food prepared with this usually absorbs too much oil. However, if you do have to saute or pan fry fish or poultry it is wise to consider using olive oil rather than your regular vegetable oil. The keyword here is “unsaturated”. Unsaturated fats have been proven to be good for your body as they can actually lower your bad cholesterol levels and prevent you from getting a heart disease. Olive oil is superior when it comes to this factor, that is why it should be your best option. You also can eat olive oil raw just like your regular butter. As such you can use it as a dip for your bread just like Italians do. Remember though that all fats and oils contains the same amount of calories per gram that is why you should still use as little as possible specially if you are trying to lose weight.

Choose whole unrefined grains and whole wheat flour

If you have to have rice always go for the brown one. Well this isn’t just true about rice it actually applies to pasta or bread as well. The point of this statement is that you have to choose unrefined grains, and whole wheat breads or pastas over the more common ones. Yes they can be a bit expensive but these things contain more vitamins and minerals and can actually give you the fiber that your body needs even without eating vegetables.

Vegetables and Fruits

You really should know this by now. Ever since you were a child you were always reminded to eat more of these things. Make sure that when you create your meal plan for the day or week that you include vegetables and fruits to your preparation. Tomatoes add flavor and color to your food, and green vegetables like spinach or broccoli will supply you with nutrients and fiber to cleanse your body. As a general rule, your plate should be very colorful. This way even if you don’t measure the quantity of carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables, you will know for sure that you are eating a complete meal.

Low fat dairy

Unknown to many, dairy products actually contain lots and lots of fats. Even yogurt which is supposed to be healthy for your body has lots fats as well. The truth, your body does indeed need the calcium that you will be able to get from these products. Research have actually shown that calcium is not only good for your bones and cartilages, it actually helps you in losing weight as well if you make sure that you include it in your diet every day. Dairy is indeed important, but it will be better for you to search the market for low fat milk, or yogurt that you can use with your morning cereal or muesli as it will not only benefit your body weight but also lower your blood pressure.


Small portions throughout the day

The number of calories that you take in per day really does affect your waist line. If you finally want to get rid of that extra weight you have been meaning to take off for a year now, then you really should start eating small portions of meals spread throughout the day. Don’t be skipping meals though and make your body hungry. When your body becomes hungry, it will be difficult for you to make the right decisions when it comes to food that is why it is important to eat small meals every four hours or so.

Make your food flavorful

Just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean that your food have to taste like paper. There are a lot of herbs and spices that are available in the market right now. Make sure that you make an effort to do your research and know what types of herbs you can use for your food. For example, rosemary goes well with roasted chicken and carrots. Cayenne pepper is good for any food that you would like a certain spicy kick with. If you eat food that are flavorful, you will never feel deprived and the chances of you relapsing to your unhealthy diet will be very slim. You have to enjoy what you are eating so that this particular lifestyle will become permanent and you will begin to reap the results quickly.

Always make a conscious decision

Finally, during every meal you will have to make a conscious decision of what you will allow your body to take when it comes to food. The Venus Factor guides you through this perfectly. You always have to take in consideration the amount of food you have already eaten that day before you prepare your dinner. You also have to choose wisely whether you should go for more vegetables or protein depending on what you think your body needs at that particular moment. From now on you should avoid the habit of going to your refrigerator and just grabbing the first thing that you see in order to satisfy your hunger. Remember that right now, hunger should take a back seat and the decisions that you would be making when it comes to your food choices should be more important to ensure that you will in fact be eating healhy like the Venus Factor recommends.

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