How to cook the Paleo way

If you’ve been looking to completely transform your health – and your body – you’re going to want to take a very close look at the paleo eating lifestyle.

Basically built around the idea that our ancient ancestors were significantly healthier than we are (and in much better shape) because they didn’t poison themselves with all of the chemical additives and other weird concoctions we jam into our favorite foods today, the paleo diet has proven to be tremendously effective at improving health and giving people the body of their dreams.

The only problem is that you are going to have to do the bulk of the cooking when you make the jump to a paleo eating lifestyle. Yes, most restaurants are paleo friendly with a couple of intelligent substitutions, but if you want to be able to eat paleo on a budget you need to know your way around the kitchen (at least a little bit). In order to give you a couple of quick tips and tricks that help you figure out how to cook the paleo way we’ve put together this quick guide. Utilize the inside information below and you’ll be able to hit the ground running!

paleo restart foodFirst off, say goodbye to sugar!

The last thing that you are going to want to try and squeeze into your paleo diet is sugar.

Not only did our ancient ancestors have zero access to sugar (outside of the natural sugars produced in fruit and some carbohydrates), but it also has been conclusively proven to wreak havoc on the human body across the board. We now understand sugar to be one of the leading causes of inflammation in the body, responsible for significant spikes in glucose levels across the board (which negatively impact your blood pressure), and can be the number one contribute factor to adult onset diabetes and a myriad of other diseases.

If you’re going to cook paleo you need to chuck sugar right out the window!

Kick processed carbohydrates to the curb

It’s also a great idea to abandon processed carbohydrates and give them the heave ho as well.

We are talking about processed carbohydrates like those found in bread, cereal, and pasta (basically any “white” foods), as they are going to include a lot of the sugars we mentioned above as well as a heavy dose of simple and complex carbohydrates that overload your bodily system and cause you to get old, slow, and fat.

If you’re going to replace your carbohydrates with something a little bit more filling than fruits and vegetables and lean protein sources, consider sweet potatoes and brown rice. It’s a much better alternative and is about 80% paleo – which is certainly better than 0%!

Fall in love with fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are going to become the staple of your paleo diet, and you’ll want to learn how to cook and prepare them in as many different ways as humanly possible.

The overwhelming majority of fruits and vegetables out there can be steamed, broiled, roasted, and sautéed, and a lot of them can be transformed into sauces and utilized as other components in a paleo dish as well.

A cool little tip that you want to remember when cooking paleo foods is to utilize one specific ingredient in a variety of different ways. Maybe roast some onion to go with a beautiful steak and then sauté and blend up that onion in a mushroom sauce to finish things off.

It’s a great way to get extra vegetables into your diet while adding an extra layer and punch of flavor that wouldn’t have existed previously.

At the end of the day, if you pay attention to all of the tips and tricks we’ve included above you’re going to find it becomes a lot easier to cook and prepare paleo food than you would have ever assumed it could be!


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