Inspiration for healthy meals in 2015

Inspiration for healthy meals in 2015

For many years there has been a broad misunderstanding of what healthy eating is about. When asked, most people tend to believe that healthful eating is synonymous with boring, almost inedible food. On the other hand, food is thought to be delicious only if it is fatty or highly-seasoned. However, experienced chefs and qualified nutrition specialists have shown us over and over that health and flavor should not be incompatible. Many people wish to improve their eating habits and list this wish as part of their New Year’s resolutions. 2015 can be the turning point for better eating. Here are a few tips to help you organize meals more efficiently.

Less Meat

Choosing to cut down on meat intake is a sure proof way to add extra health value to everyday cooking according to womenshealthmag. For one thing, most meat is high in animal fat and cholesterol. Secondly, research has shown that meat takes much longer to digest than other types of foods. This is the reason why you tend to feel sleepy or drowsy for quite a while if you have eaten a meal containing meat, especially if it is red meat. Gradually replacing red meat by white meat is a good way to earn extra health and prevent illnesses, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart conditions or strokes. Many dishes work well with both, red or white meat. Taking the white road will help you recover overall well-being.

Roast or BBQ, rather than Fried

Skip the frying and pan and hit the grill, instead. Most dietitians agree that even the same meals can have different effects on our bodies depending on the way they have been cooked. Choosing the appropriate ways of cooking can take some practice, but will certainly pay off in the long run. Steamed, boiled, baked or roast varieties are much healthier than deep-fried, tossed or sautéed meals. Steaming is the healthiest of all. If you often eat out, it is a good idea to learn to read menus or ask a waiter for details. Even if a meal reads “chicken breast” or “vegetables”, you should not take its health value for granted. Purchasing a grill, a steamer or a wok may be great ways of fostering healthy cooking in a household.

Replace Ways of Seasoning

Statistics have shown that the average American citizen eats twice as much dressing than their European counterparts. This reflects in high cholesterol, serious weight issues and diabetes. Replacing store-purchased dressings by home-made alternatives is not only a wise choice health-wise, but will also contribute to the family budget, as well. A practical way to cut down the intake of seasoning and dressing is to add herbs while the cooking process is going on. Such is the case with boiled potatoes or pasta. Adding some herbs to the boiling water will serve the twofold purpose of reducing the amount of salt and additional seasoning, as well as enhancing the food’s natural flavor.

Homemade works best

With so many conservatives, artificial flavoring and coloring, chances are, that commercially-packed foods will be unhealthy one way or another. Making your own meals, though time-consuming and tiring, is the best choice to eat more healthfully.

To conclude, healthier cooking is an everyday challenge well worth taking. Follow these practical tips and enjoy your meals this 2015.

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