To which extent is Athletic Greens a healthy alternative to eating vegetables?

Athletic Greens power shakes is one of the newer options in the market. The difference between this and many other type of meal replacement shakes on the market is that is packs a healthy punch of fruits and vegetables. Most of us lack the proper intake of these important nutrients in our diet so Athletic Greens has developed a formula to ensure you get exactly what your body needs.

Athletic Greens and Vegetable Intake
green veggies or athletic greens?Are you like millions of American’s out there that are not getting the recommended intake of vegetables in a day? Whether your life is extremely busy or you just aren’t a big fan of anything green, Athletic Greens if here to help you get the nutrients your body may be missing. This includes a healthy dose of vegetables that many of us seem to avoid on a daily basis.

Most of us never stop to think about what the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables are. Many of us are also so busy that we just don’t have the extra time to pack lunch or snacks that are healthy for us. Instead, we find ourselves reaching more unhealthy alternatives to satisfy our hunger and get us through the day.

But what are we really doing to our bodies when we reach for something unhealthy? The reality is that we are not doing ourselves any favors by snacking on sugary, fast snacks to simply satisfy a craving. We most certainly can’t make it through the day without feeling like we are in a cloud or want to take a nap because we reach for things that just aren’t healthy for us.

Athletic Greens thinks that they have found a solution to our snacking conundrum. Now, instead of just reaching for what’s available, Athletic Greens has made it as simple as can be to get the recommended intake of vegetables in our diet, plus more. With a simple to mix formula, there is no longer an excuse for bad snacking.

How Athletic Greens Stacks Up
You may be asking yourself how a simple drink mix can provide you with the vegetables that you need without being unhealthy in some way. Many of us are hit daily with information about juicing and other types of diets that are either bad for you or don’t provide you with the proper nutrition. However, Athletic Greens is not one of those juicing diets, instead, it is a healthy alternative to ensure that your body gets the proper nutrients in a fast paced world.

Antioxidants are extremely important to keeping your body healthy. When you are lacking the appropriate antioxidants in your diet, you start to feel sluggish and worn down. Many people who add more fruits and vegetables into their diet find that they start to feel better almost immediately. This is because nutrients that you were once missing are now being incorporated to help your body heal itself. Athletic Greens offers this type of support all in one place by boasting 10-12 servings of the recommended daily allotment of both fruits and vegetables.

Athletic Greens stacks up to vegetable intake because it offers so many raw greens in one place. You would have to eat a full platter of greens in order to get the daily amount necessary for your body but Athletic Greens has but it into one simple formula to make that intake easy for you.

By offering raw greens in every helping you are improving your health with each glass that you drink. It is full of antioxidants, herbs, enzymes, mushrooms, vitamins, and other scarce nutrients that your body may be lacking from lack or proper diet.

You never have to worry about Athletic Greens interfering with any type of special diet that you are on. It is compatible with all types of special livejasmin diets, including Paleo, Primal, Celiacs, Vegans, and Auto-Immune. This is especially important since most shakes do not offer or meet the guidelines of specific diets that are health based. However, since this easy to mix drink contains so many natural ingredients it is easy to incorporate for anyone.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet but just don’t see yourself taking the time to shop for them or even prepare them, Athletic Greens will give you exactly what your body needs in one place. Many professional athletes and nutritionists have started recommended Athletic Greens to their clients because it provides such a high value of vegetables and fruit. It is just as good as eating raw greens and provides even better nutritional support to help get you through your day!